Augmented World App Privacy Policy

Sandwich Simulator 2016 Privacy Policy

This page is for the Privacy Policy regarding Sandwich Simulator and the data needed for the app to run correctly.  The app is a free to play game with no additional extras.

Upon installation the app requires you allow access to your Camera and photos.

Camera: The camera is for the Augmentation method used within this app. The user at certain points will have to use their camera in order to project the game scene. This does not require any form of recording or photo taking. You are using the camera mode to focus on an object to project the scene.

Photos: This app does not require any data from your photos or stored media. Reason for asking permission is likely due to the usage of your camera in the app to create the Augmented scenes.

The permissions in mind are due to the implementation of an Augmented Reality package that needs permission from the Camera to run. This Privacy Policy follow:

The creator of Sandwich Simulator 2016 and AugmentedWorld applications is not interested in collecting additional User information. As a 2 man team, we do not have the facilities nor the experience to handle and store such data, which is why i strongly direct you to Vuforia to talk about about the Camera/Photo permissions.

For additiona information or help regarding this topic contact:

More than welcome to help users or discuss issues.

Privacy Policy for AR Solar System

AR Solar System requires the exact same permissions as Sandwich Simulator for the exact same reasons. That camera needs to be accessed for Augmented Reality to happen (via 3rd party package (Vuforia)), No data is collected or transfered as it is there is no data we are interested in, nor do we have the facilities capable to handle such tasks.

Effective 02/02/2017

Edited: 16/02/2017 (Inclusion of AR Solar System)

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