In my line of work i produce a fair few apps that i either experiment with or release fully on Google Play. There are various contract jobs that i do pick up for various clients, but of course am limited to say what i have done under those clients.

Currently (July 2017) i am working two contracts:

- VR programming for a multiplayer PC game. No more info till at least Q4 2017.

- Level design in a multiplatform project. No info until at least Q4 2017.

As for personal projects that have been released on Google Play

Sandwich Simulator 2016


sandwichSim2 sandwichSim1

No More Ads




AR Solar System


This App was developed as an Educational piece of software for any user interested in our Solar System.

The application allows the user to augment the solar system into any location (providing the place they are augmenting is suitable) . Once augmented the planets will orbit in a fashion slower to their real life equal, the user can then tap on the planets via their screen where an augmented window will appear providing the user with the information of the planet.

This app was the first i fully finished which utilized “User Defined Targeting” which is the latest variation of augmentation i have been learning and playing with. Even now i am still learning new things.





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