First App on Google Play!

Good Afternoon all,

As i am writing this i am trying to think of what pages need to be covered on the site so i will be very blunt.

An app i have been working on over the past month in free time has been release on the android store known as “Google Play”.
You can visit the apps page by clicking on these words, Yes these words right here.

In short this app was released so i could understand the dynamics of the Play Store as i am someone who is working by himself……you need to experience these things.

Now that the app is released i have had some good feedback which i have been able to craft a new method or two on how to handle user defined augmentation (which is nice).

This project will have more information within the “Projects” page of the website.

More news soon. (woo! i am a published developer).


Welcome to Augmented

Currently the site is under reconstruction as a lot of information was very outdated.

If you are more interested about me and my work while i am constructing the site however please check the links below.


My Youtube channel which demo’s a lot of the programs i work on:

I have even been mentioned by Thalmic labs in a developer blog on their website: